Explore the Local Cretan Haute-cuisine

Galini Palace Hotel specializes in offering its beloved guests a truly tasty and amazing food experience. A group of gastronomy professionals is committed to create delicious dishes coming from a variety of cuisines like the Mediterranean. International dishes are also prepared having a mixture of flavor, elegance and freshness. Our chefs donate their talent so that they can create the best results, covering all kinds of tastes.

The combination of the highest quality food service with the respect of the guests’ needs and demands leads to always satisfied and happy customers!

Discover the ultimate Mediterranean aperitifs

In Galini Palace hotel you can find the most demanding Their flavours are unique. Their essence feels like Greece and summertime. Ouzo, raki, tsipouro and masticha: among the wide selection of Greek products, three famous spirits and a liqueur are ready to pour forth their secrets. 

Also while there are some obvious choices when you think  what to drink, you might be surprised by the choises you have and the suggestions made by one of our Bar tenders.

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